Provisional Divisions for 2020/21

Provisional Divisions for 2020/21

Please find attached the proposed League tables for the 2019/2020 season.

Hi everyone,

Thank you firstly to all the clubs who have looked and checked the League tables and made comments back to the East League committee.

The first draft is sent out so everyone see's it together and clubs see it at the same time as the East League Management Committee as it would be if they were presented at the Annual General Meeting, which this year would have been tomorrow had it not been for the Corona Virus restrictions. We do this to ensure that you as member clubs are involved.

Several errors have been identified (we made some mistakes and a couple of clubs made mistakes with their entries) and in sending out this second draft we want you to see that we seen errors, listened to your comments and acted. The deadline will still be 18th June at 5pm for any further comment to Neil Liversedge or Richard Munns.

Provisional Division tables for the 2020/2021 Season

Very best wishes,