League Fixtures, Advice and other things to be done

League Fixtures, Advice and other things to be done

An update for all clubs about various points of interest.

Hi All,


You will have seen on the website that the proposed fixtures for the season have been loaded. Any complications please do let either Neil Liversedge or Richard Munns know (their email addresses are given on the League website, in the League Management Committee section).

The Leagues have been checked but there maybe some errors. We have tried to balance teams with similar numbers of teams at home/away at the same time but sometimes this proves difficult to achieve (particularly if Divisions have more than 12 teams or in bottom Divisions where number of teams differ). Clubs are more than welcome to reverse their fixtures with the agreement of the opposing club, just please let your League Manager know. Details of the

Club Contact Details

These should have been updated already, but we realise that most clubs (due to Corona Virus) have had/will have delayed AGM's. The contact details on the website are the clubs responsibility to update and you want to make sure that the Club Liaison, Fixture Secretary and Umpire Liaison Officer details for the coming season, so please update these on the East League website.

Corona Virus

England Hockey have submitted a proposal to the Government and Sport England detailing how we intend to reintroduce the team sport in a safe manner. We have been briefed to plan for the sport returning to be played sooner rather than later so our season is planned to start as advertised on 19th September. The fixtures are programmed as if we start on that date. If the season starts later we will start with the fixtures programmed for that date. A decision would then be made regarding the earlier fixtures. The decision will be based on how many playing dates missed.

We ask all clubs to endeavour to get their pitch venues booked by 5th September. Where any clubs experience difficulties in booking pitches please let Neil Liversedge know as soon as possible and we will keep a register of clubs who are having problems.

Also where clubs are worried, due to the pandemic, that their playing numbers may not reflect the number of teams entered, please let Neil know.

England Hockey are keen that regional competitive hockey in England starts on the same date and that largely each of the regions play under similar rules, that will reflect the current difficulty clubs and teams within clubs experience due to Corona Virus. We agree with their view that clubs/teams and members should be treated sympathetically and are working with them to produce some rules that are fair to all and reflect some common sense. The East League Management Committee believe that our rules have always done that.

Any rules implemented will still be managed by the East League Management Committee, these proposals will be sent to clubs during next week for discussion at the East Clubs meeting, which is announced below.

Clubs Meeting a date for your diary

The East League AGM was cancelled in June due to Corona Virus restrictions. We are going to hold a Clubs Meeting on Sunday, 6th September, starting at 11.00. This meeting will be held either via webex, teams or zoom. Each club is mandated, as per East League rules to attend. Next week Clubs will receive the Agenda and be asked to agree the Committee for next year, understand and agree the proposal for the League Entry fee, agree the rule changes which we intend introduce, agree the structure for the 2021/22 season (should the England Hockey "Structure for the Future" be adopted).

As said above we will get these papers out next week so that will give your clubs ample time to discuss them and seek any clarification you need.

A reminder that all clubs participating in the East League are mandated to attend and your invitation and papers will be sent to the person listed on the League website as Honorary Secretary within your club next week (if that person is not correct then please update the information on the website.