Club Contact Details

Club Contact Details

The time has come to enter your club contact details, the deadline is June 30th.

Clubs now only have until 30th June to enter their club officer details.

Please can you make sure that as a bare minimum you enter your Hon Secretary, Mens Liaison Officer, Women's Liaison Officer, Men's Fixture Secretary, Women's Fixture Secretary, Umpire Liaison Officer and Masters Rep.

Obviously we realise with clubs of just one gender you will only enter the contact details for that gender. We also realise that in some clubs one officer does more than one job. That is ok but we need more than one contact to be displayed. Work numbers are only requested for absolute emergency and address details provided will not be displayed on either the website or in the East Region handbook, but will be only used when we have something to send clubs that can only be sent through the post (e.g. the East Handbook or Important Paperwork where it is inappropriate to send electronically).

For clubs where their club house is located separate to their pitch please enter both locations but make clear the difference between PITCH and CLUB HOUSE by indicating so.

Club Umpire details are not needed by 30th June, but are needed by the start of the season and for all clubs (except Kent Women's clubs) you had to enter those into the old website. We have just made it easier for you by placing the area of input on the same screen.

Any difficulties in entering your club details please contact either Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary ( or our web developer/designer Simon Buckley (

See the list (by clicking on this link) we display the clubs who have not entered their Club Officer Details as yet.

Remember 30th June is the deadline and there is a 50% increase in League entry fees if you miss the deadline.