East League Structure for Change

East League Structure for Change

Agreed Structures for 2021/22 season

At the East League Clubs meeting , held 13th September, Clubs had the opportunity to vote for the League Structure they would want to see implemented in the 2021/22 season in support of the England Hockey Structure for Change.

At the meeting the Women's Structure was voted in, with no change to the structure that is currently in place.

Also at the meeting a majority of clubs agreed that another structure option should be considered and on Monday, 19th October the proposals were sent to the East League Clubs Men's sections, with 3 options and clubs had until last Friday, 30th October to cast their vote.

The results were:

Option 1 - 2 votes
Option 2 - 27 votes
Option 3 - 14 votes

Abstentions were received from 2 clubs.

Therefore this means that for the 2021/22 season both the Men's and Women's Leagues will be operating to the same structure.

There will be 1 Premier Division, 2 x Division 1's split by North and South of the Area, 4 x Division 2's split into the existing North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West quadrants, with more localised League Divisions as we get towards the bottom of the League Structure. The number of lower divisions cannot be confirmed at this point as this will be affected by number of entries. (The attached diagram shows this more effectively!)

Now we have the structures known the East League Management Committee can crack on with producing promotion and relegation's for the end of this season and will have a view of how we intend to operate the season post lockdown based on what we currently know (and this will be subject to change, should lockdown or Tier status's change) and have the promotion/relegation structures ready for next season.

On behalf of the East League Management Committee can we thank all clubs who attended the Clubs Meeting via Webex and have subsequently voted on the East League structure.