2019-20 Season Dates

2019-20 Season Dates

Just a reminder of this seasons dates.

Our season starts 21st September and runs through to 7th December.

We then restart on 11th January and run through to 21st March.

Clubs with teams in Men's Premier B division your double header weekends will be 26th and 27th September, 12th and 13th October and 23rd and 24th November, plus you will be playing on Sat 22nd Feb.

Lastly, if you have entered a team in the adult indoors competition you have until 30th September to request a cancellation from your League manager and if you do please re-arrange the game to a weekend before the indoor competition date not after. We are in June now and, unless you believe the Daily Express, we do not know what weather is ahead of us and by re-arranging your game to before the indoor date you can take advantage of the better weather in October and November.