Two meetings

Two meetings

Two meetings - different meetings/subjects

Hi All,

We have received a few queries as there are two hockey meeting happening closely to one another and clubs wanting to know the difference.


On 16th August we posted a News Item called ERHA AGM Zoom Meeting

This meeting on Thursday is the East Region Hockey Association (ERHA) AGM.

The ERHA is the body over-seeing all hockey in the East (from Junior (club and school), to development (helping players get better), to umpiring, to indoor, to masters, the counties and of course the League is a sub-committee reporting into it. The ERHA, for the last couple of seasons has moved it's Annual General Meeting date to September.

East Leagues Club Meeting

On 7th Sept we posted a News item regarding the East League Clubs meeting.

Traditionally, the East League holds its AGM and Presentation Day in June. Due to Covid restrictions this could not take place, but because of the need to adjust some League rules to allow for Covid and how the League will run, plus the need to share and discuss the proposed changes to the League structure taking into considerationtge England Hockey Structure for Change due to be implemented in the 2021/22 season, hence the need for a clubs meeting.

Both meetings are important in the running of the East. However if you have a League specific question, make sure it is aired on Sunday.

The contact details for the Sunday call will come out during Wednesday or Thursday, as England Hockey will kindly be providing the technology to allow all clubs to attend and those details will be made known to us tomorrow.

I hope that explains, any issues though do feel free to email Neil Liversedge